News – Playstation licenses storage, offers great PS+ games and hints at backwards compatibility of PS5

February’s PS Plus games

Here’s a quick barrage of Playstation-related news. February looks to be excellent month in terms of PS Plus games with Critical Mess love-hate favourite For Honor available for free as well as Hitman Series One. For those out of the loop, PS Plus is the paid subscription service to the online features of Playstation. If you have it for playing multiplayer then why not make use of the free games that are offered – particularly if you think that samurais, knights and vikings beating the crap out of each other sounds fun! Downloading these games during this month will also give you permanent access to them providing you remain a subscriber to Playstation Plus.

Seagate Storage Option

Playstation has also recently announced its new officially licensed storage option; a 2TB external hard drive from Seagate. God knows we all need that space for our games as new releases continue to grow in scope – Red Dead Redemption 2 was roughly 100GB! Not having to uninstall and reinstall games and patches would be great for our Playstations, we feel!

Backwards Compatibility

Finally, it looks increasingly likely that the next-gen Playstation 5 will ship sporting backwards compatibility with previous-gen consoles after they recently registered a patent for precisely this. How this might affect games development moving forwards would be interesting to discover. Would we see a larger volume of games as presumably cheaper licenses for previous-gen consoles are sold to more developers, and would we see more risks taken into making already live-service games more long-term on consoles also? Only time will tell!