I’ve played games all my life, the medium of gaming is so rich; to me it’s been an endless source of entertainment, a creative outlet, a competitive sport, a wealth of engaging and meaningful narratives, part of my education, and challenging and deeply rewarding puzzles for my brain! Gaming occupies an odd space in society, where it is an extremely common hobby that has only recently and barely escaped the popular perception of a nerdy or geeky waste of time. Because the medium holds so much potential to experience art, narrative and gameplay in a manner fundamentally different to other media, I am very interested in treating, discussing and analysing it seriously.

I have a broad taste in games for my PC and PS4. In terms of action and adventure games I grew up with the Diablo, Red Dead and GTA series and more recently really enjoyed God of War. My FPS skills suffer with a console controller so my fondest shooter memories are on the PC with the early Call of Duty games (1 & 2), the Battlefield franchise, the Vermintide games and of course the Doom series. I never got into the MMO scene in a big way but tried out a few, especially enjoying Star Trek Online, Elite Dangerous and most of all Pirates of the Burning Sea. More recently I’ve had a lot of fun in Naval Action. I’m a big fan of space and flight combat simulators and grew up playing the X-Wing games and Strike Commander. More recently I’ve backed Star Citizen and am enjoying the alpha gameplay.

My favourite genres are RPGs and strategy, grand strategy most of all. Among the first games I played were the Ultima series, which holds a special place in my heart. I’ve also really enjoyed the Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises. I played Civilization as a young child and have grown up and followed the series ever since. Other childhood favourites include Master of Magic and the Total War series, extending all the way up to Rome 2 as well as the more recent Total War: Warhammer games. XCOMs new and old are among my favourites and I have a huge soft spot for the often overlooked UFO series. I love Paradox’ grand strategy games and Europa Universalis 4 is probably my all-time favourite game, although I also really like Stellaris.

Right now I’m playing Slay the Spire and CS:GO, as well as the odd EU4 (as always), which I highly recommend! I’ve also been revisiting No Man’s Sky. I’m looking forward to Doom Eternal later this year, as well as looking longingly deeper into the future towards Skull and Bones (guilty pleasure) and Cyberpunk 2077.