Some of my earliest memories are of playing computer games and I basically haven’t stopped playing since.

As a child, the LucasArts’ point and click adventures captured my imagination while games like Doom, Sonic and Earthworm Jim challenged my gaming skills.

The golden age of gaming consoles (N64, Playstation, Dreamcast…) brought me away from my PC desk and onto the couch, and I have principally been a console and controller gamer ever since.

Over the years I have played a wide variety of games for a wide variety of reasons. However these days I will play games mostly for one of two purposes:

Either for absolute escapism – getting completely absorbed and lost in an RPG or a heavily story focused adventure game – or for a challenging and dynamic multiplayer experience.

I principally enjoy games with a heavy focus on story and narrative, and in particular I play a lot of RPGs, FPS and 3rd person shooters, Adventure games, Platformers, Puzzle games, Fighting games and the occasional Racing game.

Although I can get competitive while playing online, I mainly play games for the escapism, the cerebral calming and to have fun with friends and family.